Bringing Big Billy’s to you, for everyone to enjoy

Big Billy is our final form of the ultimate dream. It is that one thing in life that you want to do, that one big goal in life that you are striving to achieve. It is the one thing that seems impossible – that is until you do it. It may be making it through a perfect winning season, earning your doctorate degree, moving across the country… or in our case, owning a burger joint by the beach.

For Greg and Ellen Leonard, the dream to have a restaurant near the ocean was always just that – a dream. In other words, it was something they never thought would be obtainable. But through all the signs in life that said it just wasn’t meant to be, Greg and Ellen kept pushing through life, with their end goal in sight the whole way.

Fast forward a decade in time. Greg was transferred to Charleston, with Ellen and the kids in tow. This placed them near the ocean, and one step closer. Another four years later, Greg walked through the front door of his house and told Ellen, “My dream restaurant is calling!” After hearing the passion with which he delivered this statement, Ellen, biting her nails, finally agreed that it was the time! Their boys started asking for free food before the deal was even done, and before they knew it their “Big Billy’s Dream” came true!

We all have a Big Billy’s Dream, something that we are aspiring to do. It is the one thing that seems impossible to do- that is until you do it! Whether that Big Billy’s dream of yours is making it through a perfect winning season, earning your doctorate degree, moving across the country, owning a burger joint, or something completely different. Whatever it is, we would love to hear what that is for you! Share your story with us on social media or just stop in and be inspired!

Big billy’s menu

What are you feeling like today? Are you in the mood to try one of our famous Big Billy’s burgers? Or are you feeling like trying one of our special wild-game burgers? Whatever it may be that you’re craving, we’ve got you covered!


Part of what sets Big Billy’s Burger Joint apart is our versatility. We proudly feature different special burger meat of the day, every day, a phenomenon that we refer to as our “Wild Game” burgers. Each of our daily burger specials shares a few things in common, though- they’re natural, free-range, grass-fed, and wild-game burgers- 100% antibiotic and free of hormones. Check out our menu to see what the special is today!


Would you like to bring the beach vibe and delectable food of our Big Billy’s dream into your home? Now you can place an order online, using either Doordash or Postmates.


We deliver major meals for major occasions! Are you planning a large business conference, event, or seminar? Are you looking for just the right restaurant to cater your wedding, birthday party, or family reunion? Big Billy’s Burger Joint can do that! Check out our catering page to learn more.